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In 1991, after working cattle all his life and building a valued reputation in the business, Vernal Onken, along with his son Rick, formed Onken Ag Services, LLC. For six years we fed 2000 head for one customer. In 1997 we made the decision to expand. We built a facility to handle upwards of 3500 head. That one customer turned into, at peak, 18 customers. In 2009 we had three 20 Ton spreaders, 3 tractors, and 4 guys spreading 20,000 Ton of manure a year on our ground alone. We would start November 1st and hope to have it completed by Christmas. After meeting the EPA guidelines and developing a MMP, we decided to market our manure and go commercial. Within a short period of time we realized we had to invest in vertical beaters. We ordered one from Italy, since there were none being manufactured in the United States, and took to a local blacksmith to retro fit the current spreader we were running. After $21,000 and 1.5 years of use it was shot. That is when we remembered a sales representative from Bunning coming out and talking with us the previous year.

We gave Bunning a call and later in 2009 purchased the first Bunning 350 manure spreader in the U.S. Along with that transaction we became a Bunning dealer for Iowa and Eastern Nebraska. To date we have recorded over 40 spreaders sold to date. They are becoming a leader in the industry due to their great spread patters, machine capabilities, superior build, first class warranty and the economical benefits of the big green machines. In conjunction with the sales of Bunning products, we recently became a dealer for Sumo Tillage Equipment. Sumo is another line being offered that we found matched not only our needs, but our customers, as well. Ground health is becoming vital to extract maximized dollars. The usage of the equipment help exceed the demands we are seeing.

The combination of equipment has helped spur our custom hauling business into full throttle. We now have a fleet of 4 men, 4 tractors, pay loader, telehandler, and 4- 350 Bunning Manure spreaders, hauling 36 Tonne, servicing our customers with all their manure and lime application needs. We are able to efficiently and effectively service existing customers and have seen tremendous growth this past year. Onken Ag Services, LLC is comprised today of three brothers with a passion to doing things right.


Combined Chad, Joel and Justin Onken have been in the farming industry for over 60 years. Their father, Rick is still a key member of this family oriented team. Our team is comprise of Shelby Baumeister, office manager, and Dave Hartwigsen, lead fabricator.

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